Clad Genius Training For Craigslist Ad Posting

Real Clad Genius Training

Clad genius Training for Craigslist Posting. Learn How to setup Campaigns an most importantly learn what Clad Genius can do and not do.


  • How to setup Campaigns
  • What Clad Genius can do and not do
  • How to use Token Manager and Text Mutation
  • Deeper understanding of setting in Clad Genius
  • Import and Export of Data
  • RDSL, Proxies and VPN setup
  • Real PVA’s and how they apply to your ad in Clad Genius
  • And much more!

Training and setup are done via Skype and Team View.

Free 10 Minute Clad Genius Consultation!

$400 for 5 days an hour plus a day lifetime support. For more information call today for your free 10 minuet consultation. Call 888 548-9971 or SKYPE: host-guardian

Real-Clad-Genuis-TrainingCLAD Genius Training