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Below are some of the frequently asked questions by some of our customers and we hope that in answering them we will have answered some of the questions that you might be having. Our aim is to ensure that you have a pleasant experience as you use Adpostlab.com and to help you get your money’s worth.

QUESTION: Do I have to pay for live ads that get flagged by Craigslist.
Yes: We have no control over Craigslist or your competition flagging your ads. If your ads are live for 10 minuets or 3 hours or more it will be credited as a completed post.

QUESTION: In which days of the week do you post ads?
ANSWER: Our ad posting service will be able to post your ads for a period of 6 days in a week. This will ensure that your ads will reach as many people as possible since they can be up for most of the week.

QUESTION: How many ads can be posted in a day?
ANSWER: We are different compared to other posting services and we will not destroy a place that creates such a wonderful opportunity. It is important for us that we keep the quality of the platform high so that the ads generated through our service will have the desired impact. We will, therefore, not post more than 50 ads per each individual account in a day.

QUESTION: How will I know when my ads go live?
ANSWER: We shall send a notification to your email address and phone, or alternatively you can log into our project management section to see the updates. All these methods will inform you and verify that your advert has been posted as ordered.

QUESTION: When am I required to pay for your service?
ANSWER: The full payment is to be made when you place an order. Once this is done your order will then be processed.

QUESTION: When will my ads be posted once I have paid for it?
ANSWER: Your ads will be posted within 72 hours from the time your order has been processed.

QUESTION: What is meant by the term “dedicated accounts”?
ANSWER: When you use other posting services, most of them will place your ad in a multipurpose account which is convenient for them but not for you. When this happens your chances of renewing your account will be reduced significantly and the quality of the account is weakened over time. However, when you use Adpostlab.com your Craigslist account will only be for your business solely. By using your account in this manner, Craigslist will see the consistency associated with the account and prove to them that you are a local business.