When to Flag Ads on Craigslist

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Originally, the flagging option on Craigslist was meant to be used to do away with spam ads or inappropriate ads. It worked by allowing users to flag any ad that they thought went against these rules. When an ad gets flagged, it is permanently removed from the Craigslist’s list of ads immediately. However, there has been a rapid increase in flagging of ads that do not violate any terms. Perfectly good ads are being flagged within minutes of their posting. This has created a great number of angry people who are having their ads flagged for no reason at all. Countless complaints of this injustice have been sent to the Craigslist support team to no avail. So what exactly is going on?

How Ads are getting banned maliciously on Craigslist

This is what is happening, malicious people are flagging down adverts that have been put up by their competitors in a bid to reduce or rather kill the competition. These behavior is inhuman and completely ruthless. No one should destroy another person’s venture to make money just because they think the other person has better deals than them. Most people are now unable to even sell household items on Craigslist since their ads get flagged and disappear as soon as they are posted. There are also Craigslist auto-flagging software that are being sold online. These software allow people to continuously auto-flag ads from a particular person whenever the individual posts an ad. This way, genuine ads get flagged for no reason at all.

When to flag Ads on Craigslist

Flagging ads is meant to be done on ads which are offensive, fraudulent, illegal or malicious. It is also used on ads that promote, advertise, offers or gives links to untrue or unsolicited services. However, there are these people who take claim of a category and flags down anyone who tries to post there. They usually forget that they also had a beginning on Craigslist and no one messed it up for them. The sad truth is, these people feel that they have the right to deny others the right to post ads on Craigslist. They are like an ominous dark cloud of locusts that fly from crop to crop eating everything in their path. If you can identify these people, they deserve to be flagged to death. Yes, fight fire with fire and ensure that you flag their ads such that none of the ads see the light of day.

When not to flag Ads on Craigslist

This is all a question of ethics. The only time you can flag an ad is if it violates the terms of use. If you flag people simply because they are in the same category or business as you, your actions are extremely wrong. Not only is this wrong, it also stumps your growth when it comes to marketing strategies. Flagging ads is quite an effortless task, but promoting your products using different forms of marketing takes a lot of effort to learn. The truth is, if you spend your time flagging competitors instead of finding ways and means to market your product on Craigslist, you are simply drowning your business. Taking this easy way out will simply make your business die, whether you make money or not. So, focus on marketing instead of flagging others.